A blue and purple starry night sky over a mountain range. A white circle with text says, "'Okay-case scenarios are far more common than worse, or even best-case scenarios. Things often turn out better than we expect them to."

An orangey night sky with a forest in the background. The text reads, "Meltdowns are not tantrums. They are not a choice. They are not to get something. They are the result of being strong under a barrage of stressors for far too long."

A meme with a cityscape background and a white diamond in the middle. The text reads "The world is such a loud place and it seldom stops talking. Wearing noise-cancelling headphones allows me to filter out the assault of noise and focus on your voice." There is a graphic of blue headphones in the middle with a tiny heart between the earphones.

A meme about picky eating. On the right is a picture of a salad-like dish with lots of colors, shapes, and textures. On the left is the text "I am not a 'picky eater' I am Autistic. For me, food is almost always a relentlessly overpowering experience. What you might find pleasant with just a hint of a kick might feel like an absolute assault on my senses." There is a graphic of a spoon.

A meme with a picture of a person in a red hoodie pulling the strings to cover their face. Text reads "Eye contact can be painful for me. It's so incredibly distracting that it's hard to focus on what someone is saying. Please don't assume I am not paying attention to you if I'm not looking directly at you or into your eyes." A graphic of pair of purple glasses is below the text.

A meme with a photograph of a sunny path through the woods. Text reads, "I have an eating disorder. I began subconsciously using food to cope with sensory overload, to avoid meltdowns and shutdowns, and to find some sense of control in my life. As I start down my long path to recovery, I am reaching out to others to say "You are not alone."I have an eating disorder...and I'm going to kick its butt."

A brown meme with a cute light brown bear drawing in the bottom left corner. The bear has a thermometer in his mouth and a cold compress on his head. Text reads "Being sick as an autistic. Read some tips on Seeking Sara: 1) Validate and praise 2) Temperature, texture, and taste, 3) Make a surrogate routine, 4) Chart a sick calendar, 5) Make being sick less awful."

A meme with a close-up of a pair of feet and legs of a person balanced on a tightrope. Text reads, "Eating disorder treatment feels like I'm starting out across a tightrope and there's no net that I can see. Sometimes I'm scared and want to head back to safety. Everyone is assuring me that I am safe and there actually is a net below me—I just can't see it yet. I just have to trust and keep going." The words keep going are bigger font.

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