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Naming Adult Autism: Culture, Science, Identity by Dr. James McGrath–available in epub format

The Reason I Jump  by Naoki Higashida

Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome  by Rudy Simone


“Ask An Autistic” Youtube Series by Amythest Schaber

“Purple Ella” Youtube Series


Actually Autistic Blog List by An Autism Observer

Chris Bonnello’s

Amythest Schaber’s tumblr Neurowonderful.

Learn From Autistics


ASAN: Autistic Self Advocacy Network

Autism Women’s Network

Learn From Autistics: Connecting Parents and Caregivers with Autistic


Beth Wilson

Art Stimulus runs a really cool blog about being an Autistic artist! I especially love this post called “The Invisibility of Being an Autistic Woman.”

By Topic

Autistic Women and Girls

Aspergirls: Empowering Females with Asperger Syndrome  by Rudy Simone

I am Aspien Girl  and  I am Aspien Woman  by Tania A. Marshall, M.Sc.

Purple Ella’s Youtube video “Differences: Autistic Boys and Girls.”

Purple Ella’s video “Autism: Here Come the Girls”

Purple Ella’s video “Autism in Company: Diagnosing Women and Girls”

Amythest Schaber’s “Ask an Autistic” Youtube series and tumblr.

Hannah Riedel’s Youtube channel.

Seventh Voice’s blog post entitled “The Gaslighting of Women & Girls on the Autism Spectrum”

A great article by Fabienne Cazalis and Adeline Lacroix entitled “The Women Who Don’t Know They’re Autistic”

Excellent article about masking by Francine Russo entitled “The Costs of Camouflaging Autism”

An article by Scientific America entitled “Autism–It’s Different in Girls”

That Autie Lady‘s blog post entitled “My daughter is an Aspie Ninja”

Scientific America’s article “Autism–It’s Different in Girls”


The Mighty’s article “What a Meltdown Feels Like for Someone With Autism”

Sensory Processing Disorder and Sensory Overload

<If you have sensory issues and/or anxiety, be careful watching sensory overload simulations!! >

Sensory Overload simulation video from Mark Jonathan Harris’ and Marhsa Kinder’s “Interacting with Autism.”

Stream of Awareness’s “Sensory Overload Simulation” video

The Mighty’s article “21 People Describe What Sensory Overload Feels Like”

Amythest Schaber’s Ask an Autistic #9 – “What is Sensory Processing Disorder?” video


Amythest Schaber’s Ask an Autistic #1 – “What is Stimming?” video

What Not to Say to An Autistic Person

Amythest Schaber’s Ask an Autistic #12: “What Shouldn’t I Say to Autistic People?” video

A. Stout’s post on The Autism Site: “11 Things Not to Say to Someone With Autism”

BBC Three’s “Things Not to Say to an Autistic Person” video

Lydia Brown’s article for The Mighty.

Chris Bonnello- “Autistic Not Weird” blog posts:

Doodle Beth’s comic “What Not to Say to An Autistic Person”

Identity-first Language

Identity-First Language on the ASAN site

Radical Neurodivergence Speaking‘s blog post “I don’t have Autism. I am Autistic”

Bending the Willow‘s tumblr post “NT/Allistic People: How To Refer To Individuals On The Spectrum (A Small Guide)”

Jim Sinclair’s “Why I Dislike ‘Person First’ Language.”

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