4 Things I Want People to Know About My Autistic Self

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Not An Autism Mom reached out to me for a guest article on her blog where she is featuring Autistic voices. Here is “4 Things I Want People to Know About My Autistic Self”!

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Not an Autism Mom

1) My sensory experience is vastly different than your own.

When I complain that the lights are too bright, noises too loud and overwhelming, tastes bitter and unpleasant, touch too ticklish—I’m not exaggerating. I experience the world in a near-constant barrage of sensations. I am very hyper-sensitive to nearly all sensory input.

I grew up with a lot of internalized embarrassment and shame surrounding my over-sensitivity. At the time I wasn’t diagnosed but I felt different and weird. I was the only kid who covered their ears and cried during fire alarms, always squinted in the sun on the playground, jumped at sudden loud noises, and absolutely refused to eat bitter or spicy foods.

I wish people had understood growing up that I’m not “weird”—just different. My sensory experience is different than yours, but that doesn’t make it wrong or even fully negative. When I am at home and can…

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2 thoughts on “4 Things I Want People to Know About My Autistic Self”

  1. I just read your post, and think you’ve done a fantastic job at discussing the four things you want people to know about your experiences as an Autistic individual. I, in particular, can strongly relate to point #3- on needing to know details about situations or social gatherings, even having to know the plan. It’s something I’ve been working on over time, and have found asking questions is a great way to help the unknown seem a little less unknown.

    Anyways, thank-you for sharing. I’ll be sure to share this along.


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