Podcast Interview: Autism Personal Coach

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I recently appeared on the podcast “Autism Stories” by Autism Personal Coach (@AutismPersonalCoach social media) to answer question about meltdowns and shutdowns, pillars, identity and community, masking, diagnosis, blogging, and more!

Scroll down to listen to the episode or find the transcript!

Autism Personal Coach “celebrates Neurodiversity by empowering adults and teens to be the best versions of their authentic selves” in a world not often built with us Autistic people in mind. They connect their audience with people and tools to grow, learn, and thrive.

Episode description from Autism Stories:

“Figuring out who we are and what we want is a lifelong quest. On this episode of Autism Stories we talk with Sara Earhart about how being diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder led her to start a blog, Seeking Sara, and helped to give her a much better understanding of who she is. Autism Stories connects you with amazing people who are helping Autistic teens and adults become more independent and successful.”

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To listen to the podcast: click here.

To view a PDF transcript of the podcast: click here.

Check out the blog posts mentioned in the podcast:

Seeking Sara

2: Meltdowns & Pillars

Video: Meltdowns & Shutdowns

15: Diagnosis & Coming Out

21: Coming Out (Again): Part 2, The Sequel

Anniversary Interview 1: New Friends

Anniversary Interview 2: High School Friend

Anniversary Interview 3: My Wife

Anniversary Interview 4: My Parents

29: When You Don’t Believe I’m Autistic

Have questions or thoughts about the episode? Feel free to comment below or on my social media!

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